Saturday, 16 April 2016

5 tips to make your online campaign effective

With the growing penetration on internet in India, it is increasingly becoming important for businesses to have their online presence. The first step in this process of taking your business online is to create a compelling website and then promote it among your target consumers. Google's adwords interface provides a useful way of making your business grow online and reach your target audience. Once you set up your adwords account and create a campaign, there a 5 useful tips that can make your campaigns deliver high returns

1. Location Targeting: Adwords gives you the freedom to restrict your ads to a given location in the country where you have your business operations.

2. Demographic Targeting: If you are a business selling apparel and your collection is targeted towards young working professionals, you can go ahead and target them specifically.

3. Ad Scheduling: You can restrict your ads to only a certain band of hours based on the user traffic and conversion data. This will ensure that you are not bidding during hours of the day that is not converting. This is particularly useful if you are targeting working professionals, who may not research during the office hours in weekdays.

4. Use Search Query Report: This is one of the most useful features that adwords provides. It give you a list of all the search terms that have triggered your ad. This can really be useful in order to maintain keyword coverage in the account and also make some keywords as negatives.

5. Bid adjustments: If we notice that some of the keywords in the account are performing brilliantly compared to other then we can bid a certain percentage higher on these set of keywords and similarly bid a certain percentage lower on keywords that are not performing well.

If the above mentioned levers are put to good use, you can rest assured that your online campaign will deliver high performance for your business


  1. To me demographic targeting works very efficiently. As an Adwords Specialist it's need to be look after all the feature of Google Adwords and always be concern on trend of the keyword.
    Thanks for sharing those tips!

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